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A tour with Jewish Heritage Tours is a truly unique experience. Take a walk in 17th Century Amsterdam’s beautiful streets and admire the many canal houses and monuments, each telling their own story of Jewish Amsterdam. How did Jews end up in Amsterdam? What did they do here? How did they come to build what was once the largest synagogue in the world? All these questions, and more, will be answered.


Your walk will take you through the quiet Plantagebuurt, a small neighborhood once full of vibrant nightlife where our guides will share personal stories with you.


You will pass through the Plantage Middenlaan, home to the Hollandsche Schouwburg. Once a beautiful theater, it was taken over by the Nazis and used to gather Jews and prepare them for their trip to the death camps at Auschwitz, Sobibor, and others.


Just across the street from the theater is a former Jewish daycare. Witness firsthand how the staff heroically saved hundreds of children from death, using the very tram deporting Jews across the street to hide their actions.


While much of Jewish Amsterdam is steeped in sorrow, there is also much joy. You will be led through the beautiful Portuguese Synagogue, built in 1675. Despite predating electricity, the synagogue is brilliantly illuminated by hundreds of candles. The synagogue, along with its many outbuildings such as the Treasure Room, never fail to surprise and impress.


No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without experiencing its Golden Age. Book a space on an intimate group tour, limited to eight people, and create the experience of a lifetime. Private tours are also possible upon request.

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